2003     BFA with Honors, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

2010     “Infinite Roots,” Jonathan Levine Gallery, NY, NY
2008     “Tangled Tales,” Tinlark Gallery, LA, CA
2006     "I Walk And Rivers Run," GRNY, NY, NY
2005     "A Wink is Half a Blink," GR2, LA, CA

2008     “Gathered Together,” Tinlark Gallery, LA, CA
2007     “Hidden Habits,” GR2, LA, CA
2005     “I’m Glad We Met, Giant Robot, SF, CA

2019 “Cosmic Threads,” Judson Studios, Pasadena, CA
2014      “Fresh StART,” LA, CA                
              "20 Years Art X Mags Exhibition,” Giant Robot, LA, CA
              “Incognito,” Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
              “Tiny Trifecta,” Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, NY
              “Boxed,” Workspace, Tampa, FL
2013      “Vitruvius,” Martha Otero Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
              “Post It 9,” Giant Robot 2, Los Angeles, CA
              “Wider Than a Postcard,” Breezeblock Gallery, Portland, OR
              “Good Eye Open,” Curve Line Space, Los Angeles, CA
2012      “Giant Robot Biennale 3,” Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, CA
2010      “Incognito,” Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
              “Patchwork,” Giant Robot & GR2, LA, CA
              “Fresh StART,” LA, CA
              “Three x Ten,” Tinlark Gallery, LA, CA
              “Scion Installation 6: VIDEO,” Scion Installation L.A., LA, CA
2009      “I Know What You’re Thinking…” with Seonna Hong & Caroline Hwang, Sloan Fine Art, NY, NY
              “Game Over II,” Giant Robot, SF, CA
              “The Big Payback,” Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Show, LA, CA
              “Enlighten!,” Helms Bakery Building, LA, CA
              “Post It 4,” Giant Robot & GR2, LA, CA           
              “Fresh StART,” LA, CA
2008      “The Panorama Project 3,” Jonathan Levine Gallery, NY, NY
              “Sea No Evil,” Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA
2007      “Giant Robot Biennale,” Japanese American National Museum, LA, CA
              “Salty: Three Tales of Sorrow,” El Camino College Art Gallery, Torrance, CA
              “Free To A Good Home,” Giant Robot & GR2, LA, CA
              “Dirty Hands,” Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
              “Printed Matter,” GRSF, SF, CA
              “Wurstminister Dog Show,” Wurst Gallery, Portland, OR
2006      "Heavenly Friends," St. Lawrence University, NY
              "Tree Show 2," Giant Robot, SF, CA           
              "Drawn to Expression," Williamson Gallery, Pasadena, CA           
              "2nd anniversary show," Giant Robot, SF, CA 

2005      "Incognito," Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA           
               "The Family Room," Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY   
               "Flood the Gutters," New Image Art, LA, CA           
               "New Traditionalists," Subliminal Projects, LA, CA
2004       "Incognito," Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
               "Nook and Cranny," New Image Art Gallery, LA, CA           
               "The Skull Show," Hanna Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2003      "From the West Coast to the West Country," Here Gallery, Bristol, UK
               "Feathered Friends," Motel Gallery, Portland, OR           
               "Lead Poisoning," New Image Art Gallery, LA, CA           
               "Puddle Jumpers," New Image Art Gallery, LA, CA

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2010        Otis College of Design
2009       Parsons School of Design
2006       Harvard University               
                Saint Lawrence University